Tack House, Winchester

This Listed building extension and conversion demonstrates our ability to successfully achieve a design for a challenging and restrictive site. Originally the existing building served as a Tack room to the adjoining Coach house of the main house, St John’s Croft. The tack room is located on a difficult site with numerous issues that needed to be addressed to achieve the remodelling and extension to provide a two bedroom house. There were large differences between existing on-site levels which required extensive retaining structures in order that new building could be achieved.

The new second storey extension is built above the existing tack house with the new build two storey component to the rear of the site. These two elements are connected via a single storey link and an internal glazed private courtyard. The building lies below a tall retaining wall and is therefore very discreet when viewed from the slope above. The internal treatment and material palette is contemporary, with modernist steel glazed screens opening into the secluded private courtyard. Externally, the appearance has been carefully considered to relate to the Grade II listed main house, St John’s Croft. This conceals the inner contemporary design this house has behind the retaining wall.

Additionally, the Coach House has been converted into a self-contained annex to the main house. The exposed timber beams have been cleaned and restored where necessary, with steel ties inserted to support the roof structure. The finishes are simple, complementing the original timber structure and exposed brickwork. A small kitchenette and bathroom have been added to allow the space to exist independently from the main house.


Listed Building Extension and Conversion

d Building Extension and Conversion in Winchester